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1/03/2017 Overview One

Today we get to pick our topic…. which even before Christmas I knew what I wanted to see if I could do.

Since opening my so called Pandora’s box I found that I have Autism Spectrum Disorder ((I even started off a research blog for how that process all works in NZ as there’s a ratio of 1 female to every 4 men being diagnosed but like me many woman would be misdiagnosed with just Anxiety or depression))

Anyways all this research, ((which if you want to see the blog I’ll put a link for but so far it only has my personal story as most of my notes are in my two folders of research I did over the holiday period)) lead me to something that has sparked both my slight love of teaching and the enjoyment I found when I was teaching kids the building blocks of code and that is…. robotics programming being used for those who are on the Autism Spectrum.

One happy thing to come out of my diagnosis, was that I had by instinct ended up in the right field for someone on the spectrum. Even Microsoft offers a course in Robotics for people with Autism. ((Notes about this, Part 1))

Problem is I’m finding it hard to focus on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing for a project…. what should be my desired result be…. how do I fit this into my Systems Development….  and if so, should I purchase a robot myself just to get a feel for how it helps being that I have Autism Spectrum Disorder myself.

Lots of questions 😀 now time to find the answers


Will wait to see what Claire says about it all before I move some research from the Autism side of things into here.

Becca 🙂


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