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Another First Blog Post

What do I think Research is?

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Research is defined as both a noun and a verb,

as a noun its “the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions”

as a verb it is to “investigate systematically”.

When I think of Research I always picture a Sherlock Holmes type character running around and looking up things in big dusty books.

But now days, most research has started to look like this…. to the dismay of my father who is a librarian:

Image Source

As Louis Armstrong states in his song “I here babies crying, I watch them grow, they’ll learn much more than I’ll never know.” which in this day in age with the access to the Internet could be considered an understatement but could also be considered an overstatement as with this much convenient access, researchers can be lazier and plagiarism is more predominate.

To me, the quote I first used at the top is the best way I can describe research. Whenever I don’t understand something now days instead of going and finding a technical manual about the subject, all I have to do is type into a google search what I am looking for…. as they say, how’d we live without google now days.

Do you think you will ever need research skills?

Of course, ICT itself is a field where you are constantly having to research into new things, whether it be new software or hardware. It will never be a stagnate field…. unless someone sets off an EMP…. But even then it means that the field will just have to start building from the ground up, you wouldn’t be building the ICT field from how it was years ago because the knowledge would exist. But you may end up with a different looking ICT field because it would come from people’s personal knowledge unless its written down somewhere.

What do I think a research journal is and who is it written for?

A research journal is a collection of all the information that you’ve found that you may or may not use. This one is written by me for me, and Clare to look at and well whatever other students want to look at this… if so… hello fellow researchers in training 🙂

Image Source

What is Plagiarism?

Since this doesn’t have to be my own personal opinion I’ll just google define it.

“the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”

So if I hadn’t said that I had found this using the google defining I would have been plagiarizing. So by doing a slight citation I didn’t plagiarize. As in research, every thing that is not your own you must place in a bibliography to avoid this.

Image Source

Why is it important to avoid it?

Well… as I see it, you wouldn’t want someone to use your work and play it off as their own so why would you do that to other people.


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