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Here’s something interesting!

“Sesame Street has introduced its first character with autism.” – Stuff 



I have only been a member of this community for less than a year (though technically my whole life but I’ve only known since late last year) but this is an amazing step forward.

Its showing children to accept those with forms of ASD from a young age and showing parents who don’t understand that we aren’t really that different from everyone else. We are bright, kind and intelligent people. We just struggle with communication, facial expressions and showing our feelings. We don’t feel any less than others, we actually feel more and its very overwhelming feeling. Because its a syndrome and a disorder it means that even though there are similarities in cases, each person is a unique mix of symptoms and traits, like everyone out in the world. Look at me and like myself you would have never known I had Asperger’s or ASD type 1 as it is now called unless you yourself have studied indepth enough into it or I have informed you.

Anywho… I’m really really happy about this being brought into Sesame Street. Especially with Trump coming down on the fact that his son is on the spectrum and making it out to be a bad thing, this is a ray of sunshine that will help many generations understand 🙂



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