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Putting Notes into Categories People: Job Wise – Part 1


  • This becomes even more significant when you consider that 1% of the world’s population has ASD. (74,922,062 that is 16 times the amount of people living in New Zealand!)


  • Some possess exceptional skills in areas such as science, mathematics, or technology.


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Even Bill Gates is suspected of having a form of ASD. (That is to say, there is a saying that the way that the Spectrum has been designed that everyone can sit on it somewhere.)


Mary at the UN – Source
  • Discussing the launch of a Microsoft Pilot program to hire people with Autism.
  • Microsoft is now actively seeking candidates for an ever expanding list of opportunities, including roles in software engineering, data science, customer service and operations, and for teams like Windows, Xbox and HoloLens.
Mary Smith – Source

“There are people who may not be able to pass an initial interview or screen because their social skills might not be 100% in line with what’s expected in a typical interview, but what amazing talent are we missing as a result?” – Smith

“These are unique minds being underused and overlooked”

“We started off small by design so we can learn and make adjustments as we go, we want to be deliberate in everything we do – to make sure it’s a great experience for the job candidates, the new employees, and the teams and managers at Microsoft. We also want to continue to expand our partnerships inside and outside of Microsoft, all while remaining focused on the business benefit as well.”

((The business benefit – diversifying the company’s workforce, which will in tern help the company gain a wider reach.))

Jenny Lay-Flurrie (Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft) –Source

“We got more than a thoudsand emails and more than 700 resumes. We were getting flooded with phone calls and requests on LinkedIn, and being invited to speak in schools and given awards,” – Lay-Flurrie

“We were being thanked for thinking of doing something in the space. That was our bigger epiphany, it really was. While that’s beautiful what it said to us is that there’s a bigger need here than we even realized”

“Microsoft has been committed to enabling people with disabilities for a long time, news of the pilot program to hire people with Autism generated tremendous internal support”

“By adjusting our hiring practices, we’re able to recruit from a new talent pool – a talent pool that is rich with mad skills. We’re hiring these folk because they’re amazing talented individuals who are going to help us do amazing things at Microsoft”

“It pains me to think of the individuals who have those kind of coding skills but who aren’t using those skills because they don’t fit a standard interview process or because maybe a phone call was awkward” – Zach Johnson.

 “We have individuals with talent who have been hidden, who have not been able to find their voices or show what they can do. These individuals are breaking down the stereotypes of what it means to be autistic” – Blake  Konrady “This is showing that one of the most influential companies in the world is taking this seriously – is saying that this is something our society should be aware of.”

Konrady works with Microsoft partner PROVAIL, and his role includes helping support candidates and new hires through all kinds of situations. Apart from logistics, he also provides moral support and advice on everything from work-life balance to ergonomics to professional appearance in the corporate environment.

After working with the employees in the pilot program’s first two rounds of hiring, he’s found newfound respect for companies that take the time to really get to know job candidates before making a decision.

“Hiring Program Opens More Doors to People with Autism.” Accessed April 4, 2017.



One thought on “Putting Notes into Categories People: Job Wise – Part 1

  1. Very interesting post Becca!! So many talented people have so called ‘disabilities’ for example Einstein had dyslexia. I guess the trick is to not get branded or despondent but concentrate on the fact that we all have different strengths, and to develop those strengths.


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