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Organizing notes how my notes currently work.

I have a weird way of organizing my notes, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone but each person has there own ways.

I’d first start off by reading an article and noting down what interests me.

After I’ve finished going through the article, I will stick the notes into a category. My current ones being People, Mental, Robots and Things to look into. ((Software being one that I will be relating all this back to soon))

Under these titles I try to see if I can define it more but if not I leave it just in a generic tab.

From here I begin to write these into my own words which creates my WordPress posts. And from those WordPress posts if I don’t feel like the notes are categorized right I will go back through them until I feel comfortable with them and may even compare it to my original notes to see if I missed anything.

I know that it will take a while but I like feeling that I’ve taken all the knowledge I can from the information and categorized it correctly.


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