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More information on SAR Robots

((This will all get defined more as I get through it all… after this I will be going over a post that discusses the software of the SAR)

  • They have been presented as a uniform and a homogeneous group.
  • They vary considerably.
  • Can take many different physical embodiment’s, including animal-like, machine-like, and human-like forms.
  • With existing mental healthcare applications, variety of SAR forms have been used. Many of them being animal or animal-inspired. This includes dogs, cats, seals and dinosaurs.
  • Humanoid robots, which can range from strikingly life-like to more machine-like forms, also have been employed.


  • Caricatured robots – robots that don’t have realistic human form (e.g. special features) but are able to evoke enough human like qualities (e.g., two lights that appear like eyes, and a face-like focal point) have also been implemented.
  • Although uncommon, SAR systems that are completely non-anthropomorphic have been used.
    • Ex. A spherical robot that can move around has been used to engage toddlers in interactive tasks.




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