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What interests me and what doesn’t!

The IT area/subject I have most enjoyed is…..

Databases πŸ˜€


The IT area/subject I least enjoyed is


The IT area/subject I was most interested in is

Robots πŸ™‚154ad7fcf3cc8de6d324388423e13476_robocast-play-the-web-robot-meme_625-395.jpeg

The one IT thing I never want to have to do again is…


I chose to study IT because I…

Well in highschool I was good at both science and IT, but I chose the dark side πŸ˜›

If I couldn’t study IT I would study..

Accounting (turned out I was good at that in highschool too… but… it only takes one teacher to ruin it for you)

When I was a kid I wanted to be …

It was a fight between actor, singer or vet, but my fear of blood and stage fright prevents me from doing so.

One IT thing I would like to know more about is…

How it can be used as a tool to develop more areas that could help people with every day tasks. Like SARs or those designs that help people with lifting heavy machinery.



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