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Liveworx 2017 – Robotics Sessions

I thought that I needed to find a way to show what was going on in the world with robotics technology so I went to the robotics trends page to find more information and I found this conference that is currently going on. There is a range of sessions talking about different types of robotics but any part of robotics is a step further forward in the field of Socially Assistive Robotics.

Designing Social Robots & Emotional AI

Speakers: Steve Crow, Robert Pack and Abdelrahman Mahmoud.

Humans are the most emotionally and socially advanced species on the planet. First-generation home robots, however, are task-based robots that don’t engage with people. Social Robots that can read and understand human emotions, and display their own emotions, have been in development in research labs from some time, but they’re just now starting to make their ways into homes. This session explorers the technologies powering social robots and emotional artificial intelligence. Social robots that understand and deliver human-like emotions are sophisticated machines, so the challenges involved will be explored and the benefits of building robots that are more natural to interact with. The session will also include a live demo of Affectiva’s emotional AI engine on the Jibo social robot.

((Hopefully I’ll be able to get more information or a video of what happened here soon as it is actually occurring today!!!))

(( more sessions and information on the speakers to come as my research furthers into this event))



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