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Robots and Autism (Children) Part 1

  • Robots are helping autistic children in ways that humans can’t.
  • Recent research has found that they find it more comfortable interacting with robots than humans, in part because robots are more predictable and can be controlled.
  • “Children with autism have trouble understanding and engaging other people’s emotions, and with SARs, the child may be more readily engaged without being overwhelmed” – Laurie Dickstien-Fischer.



  • Since toys are often more approachable than people for children with autism, there’s an influx of social robots that can be great tools to help autism therapy.


Image result for Leka the social robot
Leka the social robot – link

Leka the social robot launched on Indiegogo recently. It’s been co-developed with parents, therapists and caregivers to make therapy more accessible to children with autism, Down’s syndrome, or multiple disabilities. Leka’s goal is to help these children become more independent and improve their motor and social skills.

Supporting Clinicians in Robot-Assisted Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Creating and Editing Robot Animations with Full-Body Motion Tracking. 2011



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