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LiveWorx 2017 – Robert Pack


Chief Architect and Roboticist, Jibo

Robot “Todd” Pack is a lifelong robot builder. His software architectures enable teams of developers to build complex robotic systems that work reliably in the real world. His specialities include multidisciplinary system architecture, robot/embedded software architecture, control theory, artificial intelligence, mapping navigation and 3D machine perception. Accomplishments Include: iRobot (15+ Patents); Ava/RP-Vita, autonomous mobility systems; AwareHead autonomy module; Aware 2 software architecture, used in multiple product lines for nearly a decade; Lead engineer for PackBot, EOD and 510 systems; Intelligent Robotics Lab, Vanderbilt University; Lead creator and software architect of ISAC, humanoid service robot system. He is currently the Chief Architect and Roboticist at Jibo where he and his team are preparing to deliver the worlds most advanced social robot for the home.




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