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Types of Robots Part 1


Image result for Nao robot
Photo of Nano – Source
  • Two foot-tall humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics.
  • Can do a lot more than dance and look cute.
  • Nao’s success in the classroom, resulted in the launch of ASK (Autism Solutions for Kids) Nao program.
  • Nao’s tasks are semi-autonomous educational app inspired from various behavioral approaches and models (ABA, PECS, TECCH, DENVER, SCERTS)
    • Nao prompts the students, waits for the appropriate response, and provides a reward when the response is correct, or, when the response is incorrect, encouragement and clue.
  • Teachers can select and personalize tasks based on a child’s individual learning goals, motivators, internal states, and personality.
  • Nao responds to voice commands and tracks each child’s performance.


It’s an an interactive, educational and easily implemented tool to engage kids through customized packages of apps for the Special Education.

Nao robot is:

  1. Interactive
  2. Engaging and capture’s students’ attention.
  3. Adaptive to the needs of the classroom from individuals to groups.

It’s a great help for teachers that really appreciate eliminating monotonous tasks.



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